Photoshoot PREPARATION Checklist For Models

Whether you are a seasoned model or you are about to schedule your first shoot, it never hurts to do a quick review of the photoshoot essentials.

prepare ----

  1. be available

    Make sure your phone is charged and you are near your cell incase anything changes (set location or call-time, for example) that we can contact you.

  2. Be On time

    Please be sure you arrive on time to the location or set.  Please arrive early, if possible.  Arriving early gives you more time to select outfits and complete hair & make-up if needed, and allows for traffic.

  3. DOn't wash your hair the day of your shoot

    Any seasoned make-up artist will tell you your hair will be easier to style, comb and perfect when it's one or two days unwashed.

  4. Do Not arrive with makeup

    Not only will this help you get to set earlier, but you may have to take it off anyway.


If you are planning to be in front of the camera, ensure you put your best face forward by getting a full nights rest and refraining from alcohol the night before.  Be sure to drink enough water the night before and the day of.




bring ----

  1. different color underwear

    This is not only true for lingerie- and glamour-shoots but for any, as practically every time a piece of cloth will also be on the photo – it would be very awkward to see a piece of underwear beneath it that doesn’t match.  Bring at least black, white and skin colored (nude). 

  2. strapless bra

    It will happen more than once that dresses which should be photographed will have no sleeves or halter. Others have very thin straps. Bra-straps are an absolute no-go more often than not.

  3. high heeled shoes

    An outfit may only be complete with the right pair of high-heeled shoes.  Even if the shoes are not being shown, high heeled shoes can help in creating a lifted illusion on the model's legs. 


    Not only will this help you get to set earlier, but you may have to take it off anyway.

  5. hair ties, bobbi pins, and other hair accessories

    From holding hair back while you are getting your makeup done, to styling it for a shoot, be sure to bring a range of hair accessories to ensure smooth pre-shoot prep and help to give you a wide range of appearances for your looks.

  6. smooth running pen + id VERIFICATION

    The pen (in black or blue) to sign model release forms, and your ID for our records.

  7. your book / comp cards

    Your book will help the photographer see not only what you have already shot (so we don't duplicate it), but will also help to see your most flattering angles and facial profiles.  Comp cards (which should always be taken everywhere by a model) will be useful for us for our office and your file.

  8. your go-to beauty supplies

    If you use a daily foundation in your correct color, or other makeup products in colors that are flattering on you or tools that fit best with your look and skin-types, be sure to bring your beauty bag.

  9. touch up products

    Hair spray, makeup wipes and other things that will help you to wind down after our shoot will be greatly appreciated by you both during and after our shoot.

  10. change of clothes & shoes

    Be sure to bring something comfortable to wear when you wrap your shoot and to go home with.  Gym clothes, socks, tennis shoes and flip-flops are a good start.